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Services available in Minnesota CACs

The Alliance has 7 established and 4 developing child advocacy centers

Minnesota’s CACs are as diverse and beautiful as the families we serve. As part of National Children’s Alliance accreditation and a matter of good practice, we help CACs and their teams conduct appropriate, sensitive, and highly-skilled services like forensic interviews, medical and mental health evaluations, and victim support and advocacy.

Forensic Interviews

CACs conduct neutral, fact-finding forensic interviews that provide an opportunity for individuals to talk about what he or she has experienced. The interviews are fully focused on that person and take into account their emotional and physical needs.

Each interviewer is specially trained to talk to individuals about the experiences in a manner that is both developmentally appropriate and responsive to the individual’s needs. CACs recognize that a single forensic interview can occur in one session or it can occur over several sessions. It all depends on the needs of the individual.

Medical Evaluations

Specialized medical evaluations and treatment are available to all CAC clients regardless of their ability to pay. They are conducted by highly specialized physicians who advise on future treatments, specially trained Nurse Practitioners and Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE-Ps)

Mental Health Services

Specialized trauma-focused mental health services are available to all CAC clients and their families regardless of their ability to pay. Services can include therapy, counseling, trauma assessments, chemical dependency assessments, and dual diagnosis assessments.

Victim Support and Advocacy

Victim support and advocacy services are routinely made available to all CAC clients and their non-offending caregivers. Advocates work closely with community partners to connect families with the resources, information and support they need throughout the investigation and criminal justice process.

Minnesota’s CACs exemplify the best aspects of our society’s efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens through collaboration, responsiveness, and innovation.


The Minnesota Children’s Alliance is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the care and investigation of sexual abuse and assault against children and at-risk adults.
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