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National Children’s Alliance releases survey data from CACs nationwide

NCA CAC Snapshot Report

The National Children’s Alliance, in conjunction with funding and support from the Ben and Luca Ana Fund of the Walton Family Foundation, have released the most recent and comprehensive survey of US child advocacy centers.

The report breaks down how CACs are funded, organized, and what attributes high-performing CACs share. The report also breaks down public and private support opportunities available to CACs.

From the National Children’s Alliance:

“The report shows how Children’s Advocacy Center programs and services are paid for, who is paying for them, and how centers can most effectively and sustainably provide services to their clients. There are three areas of focus within the report:

  1. Policy & Regulatory Landscape Affecting CAC Operations,
  2. CAC Organization, Funding Sources, & Sustainability; and
  3. Effective Organizational Characteristics & Practices.

The report also includes custom data tables for CACs in all 50 states, including budget, funding sources, service delivery, and demographic information and more.”

You can download the report and read more at http://www.nationalchildrensalliance.org/snapshot2017.