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Family Advocate at North Star Family Advocacy Center

Braham, MN

North Star is a Children’s Advocacy Center located in Braham, Minnesota. The mission of North Star is to ensure that the voices of children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults are heard. North Star provides
forensic interviews, forensic medical exams, and an array of family services to children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults.

Position Summary

The Family Advocate is responsible for direct client advocacy services to victims of
physical and sexual abuse and their non-offending caregivers. This position contributes to a positive
working environment and promotes the satisfaction of multidisciplinary team members while ensuring
that the voices of participants are heard and understood. The Family Advocate directly assists the
Executive Director in all matters furthering the success of the organization.

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Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide direct client and family advocacy for children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults regarding alleged maltreatment and/or witnessing violent crimes, using professional trauma-informed advocate training and experience.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings and work collaboratively, reducing the incidence of multiple interviews, and minimizing any potential re-traumatization of children and families during the interview process.
  • Promote child first philosophy through actions and positive communication with participants, families, professionals, visitors, and staff.
  • Prepare for and provide expert testimony in cases that may or may not be directly related to
    forensic interviews or family advocacy cases.
  • Complete documentation of intake data, medical checklist, multidisciplinary checklist, data
    collection, and entry, as well as remedial support staff duties.
  • Knowledge of computer programs including but not limited to Word, Excel, Outlook.
  • Engage in continuous quality improvement by seeking out feedback from colleagues and referents, attending mandated in-services, and by participating in regular advocacy peer review sessions.
  • Expand knowledge through professional training, reading research, and actively participating in a
    variety of professional development activities.
  • Maintain confidentiality of personnel and financial information records.
  • Contribute to a positive working environment, and promote the satisfaction of multidisciplinary team members and adult learners.
  • Support the coordination and scheduling of interviews, organize and track intake data, telephone
    reception, document creation and revision, and all other duties as requested by the Executive


  • A four-year degree in social work, psychology, or related human services field is preferred.
    Extensive experience or equivalent education may be accepted in lieu of a four-year degree. A
    Master’s Degree is preferred.
  • Understanding of family violence, substance abuse, and the dynamics of child physical and sexual
    abuse, as it relates to direct client service advocacy.
  • Knowledge of Minnesota Data Practice Act.
  • Experience working with diverse professionals from child protection, law enforcement, court
    systems, and related community services.
  • Experience working with culturally, ethnically, developmentally, and socio-economically diverse
    children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Strong communication skills in interpersonal, written and multimedia channels.
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities and successfully complete short- and long-term projects
  • Patience, flexibility and a proven ability to manage stressful situations.
  • Must submit to a thorough criminal history background check and the ability to pass a drug screen.

Hours & Compensation:

40 hours a week (1.0) FTE salaried position, with a combination of scheduled
8:00am-4:30pm and on-call hours. $19.00- $22.00 per hour. Compensation will be based on
qualifications and experience.

Closing Date: January, 10th 2020

Please Mail or Email Resumes to:
North Star Family Advocacy Center
Jeremie Reinhart –Executive Director
Po Box 167
Braham, MN 55006
Phone 763-252-6122
Cell 612-309-2431

Individuals from diverse backgrounds and multi-lingual individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

North Star is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, disability, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance.

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