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Advocacy Discussion Guide

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We hope that this advocacy overview raises awareness of the critical work of child advocates and the role they play in a child and family’s healing journey. We know that advocacy looks different center to center, state to state. The following discussion guide is designed to prompt reflection and conversation among supporters of the child advocacy movement so that together, we can deepen the investment in vital advocacy services.

Reflecting on the Principles

  1. How do you bring advocacy principles to life in your work?
  2. How can you and/or your CAC better communicate these principles with your team members and partners?
  3. Which principles are most likely to be compromised? Why? How can your team better uphold the advocacy principles?

Reflecting on the Activities

  1. Which of these activities are core to your advocacy?
  2. Which would you like to incorporate in the future in order to deepen your impact?
  3. What changes would you like to see to your existing model?
  4. Which activities take the majority of your time? Does that align with where your work has the most impact?
  5. What activities are missing that could better support survivors and their families?

Reflecting on the Outcomes

  1. How do these advocacy outcomes resonate with you? What’s missing in terms of how advocates are making a difference?
  2. Which outcomes are you currently measuring? Which ones would you like to start measuring?
  3. How do you and/or your CAC share the impact of advocacy with stakeholders? What could be improved about that communication?


  1. How is advocacy understood across your state?
  2. What messages are stakeholders receiving about the work of advocates?
  3. How could this guide be used to clarify the role and importance of advocacy?
  4. How could this guide be used to connect advocates and share best practices?
  5. What efforts are needed to deepen the investment and infrastructure for victim advocacy?

Technical Support to Develop Your Team

Need assistance determining or updating your team’s multidisciplinary response? The Minnesota Children’s Alliance provides facilitation and support for teams developing, reviewing, and refining their collaborative response to child abuse investigations.

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The Advocacy Project materials were developed in collaboration with advocates at children’s advocacy centers (CACs) across Minnesota. The Alliance is grateful for the knowledge, insight, and best practices that participants brought to this collaborative process.

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