Toolkits Multidisciplinary Teams and Child Abuse and Maltreatment in Statute

Minnesota State Statutes Regarding Multidisciplinary Teams

What Statutes Govern the Response to Child Abuse and Maltreatment in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, state law requires a multidisciplinary team (MDT) response to child abuse and maltreatment. The county establishes teams and can include members from several disciplines, including the local child welfare agency, county attorney’s office, county sheriff’s office, health and education representatives, mental health, human service, or community-based agencies and parent groups. MDT membership may also include other members not listed in the statute.

Statutes on the Definition of Child Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and Maltreatment

Minnesota statute outlines the definitions of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and maltreatment in several sections of Chapter 609.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • 609.341: Definitions
  • 609.342: Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree
  • 609.343: Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree
  • 609.344: Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree
  • 609.345: Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree
  • 609.3451: Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fifth Degree
  • 609.3453: Criminal Sexual Predatory Conduct
  • 609.3455: Dangerous Sex Offenders; Life Sentences; Conditional Release
  • 609.347: Evidence in Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases
  • 609.35: Costs of Medical Examination
  • 609.352: Solicitation of Children to Engage in Sexual Conduct; Communication of Sexually Explicit Materials to Children

Malicious Punishment of a Child

  • 609.376: Definitions
  • 609.377: Malicious Punishment of Child
  • 609.378: Neglect or Endangerment of Child
  • 609.3785: Unharmed Newborns Left at a Safe Place; Avoidance of Prosecution
  • 609.379: Permitted Actions
  • 609.38: Stayed Sentence

Interviews with Child Abuse Victims

  • 626.561: Interviews with Child Abuse Victims

Data Management and Privacy in Child Abuse and Maltreatment Cases

Child Abuse and maltreatment cases are reported and screened in at the county or local reporting agency level. Once a case has been screened in and assigned a response path, local workers begin to follow their case process. Data is often collected as part of an assessment or investigation, and the confidential nature and storage of this data is governed by several Minnesota Statutes.

Generally speaking, case-specific information can be shared amongst MDT members during the course of an investigation or assessment, as specified in MINN STAT. 626.558 (2019). However, not all jurisdictions interpret allowable data sharing in the same way, so the Alliance recommends consulting with the local county attorney’s office in determining when and how to share case-specific information.

Government Data Practices

  • 13.02: Definitions.
  • 13.384: Medical Data
  • 13.46: Welfare Data
  • 13.461: Human Services Data Coded Elsewhere
  • 13.465: Family and Domestic Relations Data Coded Elsewhere
  • 13.467: Foster Care Data

Law Enforcement; Judicial; Corrections; Criminal Justice Data

  • 13.80: Domestic Abuse Data
  • 13.82: Comprehensive Law Enforcement Data
  • 13.821: Videotapes of Child Abuse Victims
  • 13.822: Sexual Assault Data
  • 13.823: Domestic Abuse or Sexual Assault Programs
  • 13.83: Medical Examiner Data
  • 13.84: Court Services Data
  • 13.851: Corrections and Detention Data Coded Elsewhere
  • 13.871: Criminal Justice Data Coded Elsewhere
  • 13.875: Juvenile Justice Data Coded Elsewhere

Health Records and Reports

  • 144.29: Health Records; Children of School Age

Minnesota Health Records Act

  • 144.291: Minnesota Health Records Act
  • 144.292: Patient Rights
  • 144.293: Release or disclosure of Health Records
  • 144.294: Records Relating to Mental Health
  • 144.295: Disclosure of Health Records for External Research
  • 144.296: Copies of Videotapes
  • 144.297: Independent Medical Examination
  • 144.298: Penalties
  • 144.30: Copies of Records Evidence in Juvenile court
  • 144.32: False Statements Cause for Discharge
  • 144.334: Right to Request Patient Information
  • 144.3345: Interconnected Electronic Health Record Grants

Technical Support to Develop Your Team

The Minnesota Children’s Alliance provides facilitation support for teams developing, reviewing, and refining their collaborative response to child abuse investigations. Contact Marcia Milliken for an initial consultation.

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