Toolkits Body safety curriculum for children in grades K - 5

Red Flag Green Flag©

Program Overview

Red Flag Green Flag© is a curriculum fostering early elementary-age children’s body ownership and personal boundaries. This may be one part of a comprehensive personal safety and sexual abuse prevention program. This curriculum helps children recognize safe and healthy personal boundaries so they feel more empowered to speak up and take assertive action in a variety of situations as they can. When it comes to situations of physical or sexual abuse or violence, children are never to blame for what is happening to them. Children are never responsible for stopping the abuse or violence.

Curriculum Materials

  • Facilitator guide
  • Lesson plans
  • Facilitator scripts
  • Student workbook

Supplemental Materials

  • Parent letter and opt-out form

Additional Details

Intended Audience: Early elementary – 2nd and 3rd grade

Grades reviewed: Early elementary – 2nd and 3rd grade

Number of lessons per grade: Two

Recommended lesson time, total: 90 – 120 minutes

Languages: English

Program cost (as of February 2024)

  • Facilitator guide: $25.98
  • Student workbook: $11.98 each (1 – 10 copies); $8.98 each (11 – 50 copies); $6.98 each (51+ copies)
  • Please note that program costs may change over time. Check with the authoring organization to confirm current costs and fees.


  • Meets Erin’s Law: Yes
  • Meets National Children’s Alliance: Not submitted

Red Flag Green Flag© Curriculum Kit

The kit includes a facilitator guide, lesson plans, scripts, and a student workbook.

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