Toolkits Body safety curriculum for children in grades K - 5

Safer, Smarter Kids

Program Overview

Safer, Smarter Kids follows a developmentally appropriate sequence of instruction for elementary school students, helping children develop skills to stay safe as their world expands. At the crux of the program, children are taught how to identify the difference between safe and unsafe feelings, situations, and behaviors – and how to then access help if they are ever made to feel unsafe. Bullying Prevention, Digital Safety, Human Trafficking Prevention, and Self-esteem concepts are woven throughout lessons.

Curriculum Materials

  • Teacher introduction
  • Program overview, step-by-step guides, scope and sequence
  • Lesson videos
  • Scripted teacher synchronous lessons
  • Practice activities
  • Available for face-to-face, blended, and online/distance study
  • Informational brochure
  • Informational video

Supplemental Materials

  • Caregiver Connection newsletters
  • Activities for practice at home
  • 15 hours of Beginning Teacher Training, optional and not dependent for curriculum use
  • 15 hours Admin Training-optional and not dependent for curriculum use
  • Family safety pack free downloads
  • Guide to Hope and Healing free downloads

Additional Details

Intended Audience: K – 5th grade

Grades reviewed: One lesson, Kindergarten

Number of lessons per grade: Six

Recommended lesson time, total: 30 min. for video lesson and guided teacher-led lesson. Optional additional practice and application activities 30 (estimated)

Languages: Curriculum is available in English, and parent materials are available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

Program cost (as of February 2024)

  • Teacher license for K-5 access (6 courses): $1,200 per in year one; or Individual license per grade level $200 (year 2 pricing and beyond pricing is lower)
  • Training is offered at no charge
  • Additional classroom fees may apply
  • Please note that program costs for year 2 pricing and beyond are reduced. Check with the authoring organization to confirm current costs and fees.


  • Meets Erin’s Law: Yes
  • Meets National Children’s Alliance: Not submitted

Safer, Smarter Kids Curriculum

The curriculum includes access to an online portal that includes teacher introduction, program overview, lesson videos, and practice activities. This program can be provided via online/distance study.

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An official 501(c)(3) since 2007, Lauren’s Kids educates adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through in-school curriculum, resources for families, EMMY and ADDY Award-winning awareness campaigns, and speaking engagements around the country and the world.

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