Language Access: The Lessons that COVID-19 have Reinforced

Webinar Overview

The current COVID-19 crisis is not over yet; however, in a short time we have seen how gaps in the system for language access are exacerbated by a pandemic. Did we know what to do in a crisis? Were we prepared to ensure that everyone had access to information and services in their first language? What do we do during an emergency or a disaster? How does our language access plan monitoring help us achieve a more organized response? What went wrong, and how can we be sure that we do not make those mistakes again?

Through this virtual training we will share lessons learned and answer these and other questions regarding language access preparedness, responsiveness and monitoring. Hosted by the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims. Register online.


  • Understand the implications and impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Limited English Proficient communities and survivors;
  • Learn about language access compliance and monitoring and how they can be our guide for language access emergency preparedness; and
  • Create a framework under which programs can create policies and protocols that facilitate access during a crisis.


Leo Martinez

Project ManagerĀ  at Casa de Esperanza
Leo Martinez is a technical assistance lead for the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims and is responsible for leading the NRC’s work around survivors with Limited English Proficiency and immigrant survivors . He collaborates with other national partners to inform the framework, advise the process, organize some of the initiatives and activities and provide support to other stakeholders within the resource center. He provides training and technical assistance to coalitions, organizations, advocates and grassroots community activists conducting activities with victims of crime in underserved communities.


Online Webinar