Mind the Gap: Fulfilling the 2023 Victim Advocacy Standards

Mind the Gap: Fulfilling the 2023 Victim Advocacy Standards

Training Overview

Minnesota Children’s Alliance is excited to host this training with First Witness on Victim Advocacy Standard for Accreditation set by NCA.

Designed for advocates who have already completed a full 24-hour Advocacy Training, Mind the Gap adds to the fundamentals of victim advocacy as laid out in the 2023 Victim Advocacy Standard for Accreditation set forth by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA).

During the training, advocates will learn about Victim Rights and Compensation, Cultural Responsiveness and Addressing Explicit Bias, Caregiver Resilience, Domestic Violence and Polyvictimization, and Referral methods. Trainers will teach participants how to put these principles into action through hands-on activities, real-life examples, and discussion.

Mind the Gap was developed by Family Advocates and Trainers at First Witness Child Advocacy Center in Duluth, MN. First Witness’ 24-hour Training for Advocates Working with a CAC is available for advocates who have not yet received the fundamental advocacy training as laid out by the NCA. For more information about the First Witness training program and to register, please visit www.firstwitness.org/training or contact Madeline Kvale at [email protected].

Pre-Readings Recommended

Advocates will read the above articles and state specific victims’ rights and victim compensation information and answer questions provided

  • Research Foundations of Greenbook Interventions to Address the Co-Occurance of Child Maltreatment and Adult Domestic Violence by Megan R. Holmes, Anna E. Bender, David S. Crampton, Laura A. Voith, and Dana M Prince. (Designed to meet the domestic violence and polyvictimization training requirement for advocates)
  • The Greenbook and the Overrepresentation of African American, Hispanic, and Native American Families in the Child Welfare System by Judge Karen Aileen Howze (Ret.) and Associate Justice Anne K. McKeig (Designed to meet NCA cultural responsiveness and addressing explicit bias training requirement for advocates)
  • State Specific Victim Rights and Compensation (Designed to meet NCA victim rights training requirement for advocates) https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/611A (MN)

Goals for these readings

  1. Advocates will develop an understanding of how race, culture, and polyvictimization dynamics impact how advocates and systems interact with families during the investigation and within the court system.
  2. Advocates will understand what rights are afforded to victims of a crime in their state and understand how to assist in completing an application for victim compensation with the families that they serve.

About the Presenter

Ally Washenesky graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a focus in Mental Health and Criminal Justice Studies in May of 2020. She then became licensed through the Minnesota Board of Social Work with her LSW in December of 2020. Before joining the First Witness Advocacy Program, Ally worked as the Case Manager for the YWCA’s Young Mothers Program, working with Young Mothers who faced barriers to stable housing, develop independent living skills, parenting skills, and complete their educations as well as managing the transitional housing Advocacy Staff.

As the Family Advocacy and Prevention Program Coordinator, Ally strives to always amplify the voices of the families and children that she serves by holding systems accountable to the standards that they have set. Ally is passionate about her work with children and families on an individual level and on a larger scale as an advocate pushing for systemic changes and broader prevention education standards. As a trainer, Ally has presented lectures on advocacy perspective for child advocacy center advocates, as well as advanced advocacy topics such as the co-occurrence of domestic violence and child maltreatment on both a regional and national level.

Registration is $100.

We are excited to start the new year with this training. The Alliance believes trauma-informed, anti-racist, and culturally responsive services are essential to helping children heal. We continue to offer virtually the highest quality training, with nationally renowned speakers.

Cancelation Policy

The Alliance recognizes that sometimes professionals are called away at the last minute to accommodate the needs of our kids. Please contact MaiXi Ye at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.


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