The Intersection of Culture and Trauma: Working with Children and Families

The Intersection of Culture and Trauma: Working with Children and Families

Minnesota Children’s Alliance (the Alliance) is excited to host The Intersection of Culture and Trauma: Working with children and families in the MDT process, with Suganya Sockalingam, Ph.D., Wednesday, October 14, 2020 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., via Zoom HealthCare.

Training Overview

In this interactive 2-hour workshop, we will explore the meaning and the value of the terms culture and trauma and how they intersect. We will explore how this intersection informs how we work within multidisciplinary teams to strengthen our systems that keep our children safe. Further, we will examine our personal values and how they inform our biases that may impact how we deliver services. Finally, we will identify strategies that will allow us to mitigate the unconscious biases that might influence our training, research, and advocacy efforts.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a common language around culture and trauma.
  • Discuss the meaning of culture beyond race and ethnicity.
  • Understand that a holistic approach to care requires the integration of culturally responsive and trauma-informed practices.


Dr. Sockalingam is a Founding Partner and Change Specialist at Change Matrix, LLC, a minority and women-owned firm. Dr. Sockalingam supports individuals, organizations, and systems addressing Equity including diversity, inclusion, implicit bias, and structural racism, cultural competence, and cross-cultural communication. Additionally, Dr. Sockalingam focuses on Leadership Development including leadership shifts (in times of change and in chaos/turbulence), change management, collaboration, and conflict engagement.

Continuing Education Credits and Training Fee

POST and Social Work credits will be available.

We are excited to bring this training to you. The Alliance believes anti-racist and culturally responsive services are essential to helping children heal. We continue to offer the highest quality training, with nationally renowned speakers, virtually. To help offset costs associated with this virtual training, through funds generously granted to the Minnesota Children’s Alliance through the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund (MDRF) for Coronavirus through Minnesota Council on Foundations.


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