Understanding And Coping With Reactions In A Pandemic

Training Overview

We are living through a time of fear and disruption of daily life that most of us have never experienced. Join the National Children’s Alliance as they host Carrie Epstein, LCSW-R, from Yale for a look at the impact of ongoing external dangers and demands. Learn how to recognize common stress reactions and how to use coping strategies to “turn down the volume.” This is a 90-minute webinar.

This webinar will provide valuable information on:

  • What is known about the impact of high levels of distress generated by ongoing external dangers/demands
  • Recognize common stress reactions
  • Understand how we experience these reactions in our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Identify coping strategies for “turning down the volume” of these reactions.
  • Understand why these coping strategies work to lower these reactions
  • Connect to useful resources
  • Q/A

Registration and Cost

There is no cost for this webinar, but participants must be eligible to register through the National Children’s Alliance Engage platform. Register now.