APSAC Contemporary Challenges facing Black Youth

Training Overview

African-American youth – particularly males – face a multitude of historic and contemporary traumatic stressors that impede or obstruct holistic healthy development.  These types of traumas manifest in multiple settings and points on the developmental timeline to the mental, emotional, and physical detriment of these youth.  Culturally-grounded approaches to mental health services for intervention and prevention programs offer a creative framework for interrupting chronic patterns and connecting strengths-based resources in response to these youth crises.  This presentation will highlight a creative culturally-rooted approach called Hip-Hop H.E.A.L.S.! that strategically uses Rap music and Hip-Hop culture to engage, illustrate, and motivate trauma-informed evidence-based practices among diverse youth, families, and communities.  This presentation will focus on the use of the H3 model with African-American male adolescents as a program exemplar with implications for expanding traditional frameworks for service development and delivery.

About Presenter

Jaleel K. Abdul-Adil, PhD

Dr. Abdul-Adil’s career interest is culturally-sensitive, ecologically-appropriate, and evidence-based practices for low-income urban youth and families. His current research focuses on family-focused interventions for youth with trauma and co-occurring disruptive behavior and community violence exposure that are provided through university-community partnerships, service system collaborations, and national provider networks. Dr. AbdulAdil is also one of the originators and nationally-renowned experts on the use of modern Rap music and HipHop culture to enrich psychosocial interventions for urban youth.

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