CAPSAC Sexual Abuse Allegations in the Context of Divorce

Training Overview

The failure of the “system” to protect children involved in family court proceedings is a problem encountered by all disciplines involved in child protection. Social workers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, clinicians, MDs, victim advocates and judges all fall victim to the misconceptions and procedural derailments that afflict this difficult and time-consuming area of child protection. Too often professionals’ eyes glaze over when the words “child custody” are uttered. This training is intended to illuminate the problems these professionals face and present immediately applicable research and practices to help them successfully investigate allegations & protect children in these settings.

About the Presenter

Seth L. Goldstein, JD

With forty-six years of experience in almost every aspect of child abuse intervention, now a trial consultant, expert witness, and attorney in private practice, Seth Goldstein was the investigator and Project Director for the Child Abuse Vertical Prosecution Unit of the Napa County District Attorney, Napa, California for four years. He also worked as an investigator with the Santa Clara County District Attorney, San Jose, California, conducting sexual abuse investigations and preparing the cases for court for three years. He has served as a Special Prosecutor for the San Benito County District Attorney, securing a second-degree murder conviction in a child abuse homicide. Prior to that, he was a Berkeley Police Officer, serving 2 years as a child abuse investigator, working there for 13 years. He now represents parents in Family Law, Juvenile, and Personal Injury matters wherein child abuse allegations have arisen. He is the author of The Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Investigation, and Intervention, 2nd Ed., (1999), CRC Press, and numerous other articles on child sexual abuse intervention.

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