NCAC Interviewing Children on the Autism Spectrum

Training Overview

Children with neurodivergent disorders such as ASD are at an increased risk of child maltreatment. This population presents challenges for forensic interviewers as there is great variability in functioning including unique memory and cognitive processes, linguistic style, understanding and expression of emotions, and forming connections with others. Many of these children can provide information about their experiences if the interviewer is able to adapt questioning approaches and interview strategies to meet the needs of this child. Preparation and flexibility are key. While providing a review of possible domains of impact on functioning, this training will focus on tips for information gathering, preparation with the investigative partners to set reasonable expectations, and adaptations to questioning strategies and interview phases.

This training is recommended for forensic interviewers who have developed some comfort and flexibility with the continuum of questioning strategies and the phases of a forensic interview.

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Register by July 14, 2024

Registration is not a guarantee of acceptance into the course. Seats in this training are intended for professionals currently working as part of a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). The NCAC reserves the right to refund the registration of anyone who is not currently working as part of a CAC to ensure that currently practicing professionals receive the training they need. Upon acceptance, you will receive a Final Confirmation and Logistics email. Please refrain from booking non-refundable travel until this email is sent.

The full registration fee is due by the fee deadline stated above in order to hold your spot. Registrants that have not paid in full by the deadline will be released from the training, and we will contact those on the waitlist.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend the training, you must submit your cancellation notice at least 30 days prior to the training in order to be refunded the full amount, less a $100 administrative fee. Your agency may choose to replace your spot in the training with another member of the agency at no penalty. Late cancellations may be considered for a training credit that may be used by your agency for up to one year. Failure to show up for the training forfeits the registration fee completely.

In the event the NCAC cancels the training for any reason, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded.