NCAC Preparation and Adaptations for Interviewing Children with Mental Health Needs

Training Overview

Children referred for a forensic interview during an investigation of maltreatment may also present with either a diagnosis or concerns about their mental health including but not limited to PTSD, depressive disorder, anxiety, and sleep disorder. They may also present concerning behavioral indicators such as a history of self-harm, suicide ideation or prior attempts, and anger management issues. The forensic interviewer has two primary goals: eliciting the most complete and accurate information possible for this child and mitigating additional trauma or harm to the child from the interview process. This training will address issues of screening, assessment, and strategies for interview adaptations including managing emotional and behavioral responses during the interview process. The involvement of investigative partners and other CAC staff will be discussed.

This training is recommended for forensic interviewers who have developed some comfort and flexibility with the continuum of questioning strategies and the phases of a forensic interview.

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