NCJTC Child Sex Trafficking: From Suspicion to Disclosure

Training Overview

Learn basic techniques and strategies to enhance the likelihood of obtaining information from possible victims of child sex trafficking. Compare and contrast typical child sexual abuse cases with child sex trafficking (CST) cases and address the different points of entry into the criminal justice and welfare system for CST victims. Understand various disciplines’ roles and responsibilities and how they can contribute to a positive outcome of the CST case. Examine question strategy, interview dynamics, language use, and interview suggestions. Discuss the business model of child sex trafficking as it relates to a variety of crimes, including the use of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). This training is suitable for community correction officers, law enforcement, prosecutors, social workers, tribes/tribal workers, and victim service workers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of an interviewer mindset and style, and how different question strategies impact the accuracy of information gathered.
  • Learn/improve fundamental skills of engagement with potential CST victims to maximize positive outcomes of future contacts with other professionals
  • Understand the totality of the circumstances through interviews and observations and how these impact the total investigation.
  • Understand how a continuum of care for the CST victim maximizes positive case outcomes

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