NRCAC Intergenerational Trauma Podcast

Podcast Overview

Research consistently supports the value of taking a trauma-informed approach to reduce re-traumatization, improve outcomes, and foster trust and collaboration between professionals, children, and families. In this episode, Kristina Coleman, LMSW, MPA, joins co-hosts Tony DeVincenzo and Ilana Lezama-Beausejour to discuss the intergenerational trauma approach and working with families of color. Throughout their conversation, Kristina shares insights into some of the life experiences of past generations and their impact on the present day. The discussion explores ways professionals can shift their mindset and practices to better serve and support families of color.

Topics this episode addresses:

  • Definitions
  • Intergenerational trauma appraoch
  • Working with families of color
  • Life experiences and intergenerational trauma
  • Understadning history
  • Enhance professional skills
  • Recommendations
  • Organizational support for workers of color


Kristina Coleman LMSW, MPA, is the Vice President of Child Advocacy and Mental Health Programs at Safe Horizon the nation’s largest victim service agency, and the Founder/CEO of youRmore counseling & services. She has served in the social services for over 14 years specializing in child welfare, family reunification, trauma treatment, mental health, program implementation, development, and non-profit leadership. Kristina holds a master’s degree in social work leadership from Hunter College and a Master of Public Administration from Mercy University. She has held multiple roles at both the direct service and leadership level. Kristina provides training and consulting around engagement and mental health practices for families of color and the impact intergenerational trauma. Through her teachings she aims to reform systems and create true diversity, equity, and inclusion. She believes if people want to see real change, they must first understand history. Kristina serves as a board member for the National Association of Social Workers NYC Chapter, The New York State Children Alliances, Center for Safety and Change, and the YMCA OF Rockland.

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