Office of Justice Programs Financial Assistance for Crime Victims Training

Training Overview

Join the Office of Justice Programs for a 90-minute virtual training opportunity to talk about financial assistance available to crime victims from the Crime Victims Reimbursement Board. It will outline the eligibility requirements for the program as defined in Minnesota Statutes and Rules, as well as the appeal rights available to applicants who are dissatisfied with the Board’s actions on their claim. Further, Danielle Kitto, the subject matter expert and presenter, will discuss the benefits available to crime victims, the rate limits and caps on the benefits, and the application process, both with the paper form and now with the online Victim Services Portal. Also discussed will be the Board’s commitment to hold criminal offenders accountable for the cost of crime through improved collection of restitution, the responsibility of law enforcement to the Board, and how advocates can assist victims with the application process.

Register through Office of Justice Programs

There is no cost for this training, but registration is required to attend.

For any questions about this training, please reach out to Joann Jones at